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We can make your business card stand out with your very own photos, or create a one of a kind eye catching design sure to outshine the rest of the competition.


Animated clips are one of our highly requested services and one of the more complicated ones as well. Animated Clip for those who are not familiar with the term is a photo that has moving parts. See some of our examples below.


Flash graphics are another great way to grab attention to your website!


The first step in creating a successful company is the name, the second step is the logo. A logo is your companies first photo, that first look into what is to come, and as your company establishes itself into the world of competition it the your logo that serves as your companies face in advertising and more. Logo design starts at $99.99 which includes: Logo design, letter head design, and envelope design.


This business card makes its point of what services the business offers but with smooth styling and this years hottest colors it stands out as clean, new, and green.


Sometimes simple lettering can make a bold statement when encompassed by a stand out framing.


Don’t want the obvious, then using your product in your logo is another great alternative.


Nothing says look at me more than a bright bold graphic. Tailored by Love is our newest client and their only request in their logo design was BRIGHT.


Marketing is a huge part of business and can advance your business beyond your dreams. Is marketing just for struggling companies, absolutely NOT! Marketing is strategy for best comparison. You stand before your company and ask yourself:

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are in need of marketing. Marketing does not only achieve higher revenue, but also can change your clientele, your prices, and more.. Marketing is not just a simple flyer you mail out… it starts with your needs, then locations are chosen that will best suite your companies needs per your chosen/needed demographic, then eye catching graphics, catchy slang, and more. There is a science behind marketing and we have mastered that science. Pricing is started by you and companies needs. See some of our latest designs in marketing below.

Is this the clientele I want?

Is this as busy as I can get?

Is this the main product I hoped to sell?

Can I charge more?

Is the slow season approaching?

Did a new competitor just open up?

Have you noticed fewer emails/calls/walk ins?

Are you launching a new product?

Are you looking for sell in the near future?

Are you looking to increase the company credit?


This one is a biggie! All businesses that are all caught up with today's advances have a social media/interaction page. The main ones being Facebook for businesses and Twitter for local talents. Why are they needed and how much work are they really? Well lets start with the basics... EVERYONE has a Facebook account which is as about as big as you can go in marketing! 1 BILLION users is right there at your fingertips with nothing but typing a sign in name and password... Yeah... It’s that big! Well not only is it that big but also it is FREE! Yes, business accounts on Facebook and Twitter are free and that means you have the ability to reach out to and market to 1 billion potential customers. Now  there is a whole lot of technical stuff we are leaving out such as setting up the page, linking it to your website, getting customers to “like” your page, keeping clients entertained by posts that bring them to refer the company page to their friends, and then their friends, and then their friends.

We at Walker Web Designs specialize in daily posts that grab attention and get marketing promotions the attention needed to better boost your business and get your companies name out there above the rest.  We take all of our marketing know how and techniques to your social web page and work from there because that is just the beginning. What most business owners do not consider is that Social web pages also connect you and your clients right there, so at any time they can ask questions, post comments, send you private messages and more. If you do not stay on top of the correspondence between clients and prospective clients then you are harming your business, not promoting it. They will view you as someone who does not appreciate them or your company and as we all know, bad reviews travel 5x’s the speed of positive ones! That is where we stand out above the rest, we create/repair your pages, we market directly to your customers with eye catching posts, and we manage the day to day replies and posts from your customers. We also upload photos you want added to your page on a schedule chosen by you and we send monthly reports showing you the activity and how many new customers (likes) we are bringing in. There is a whole lot to do with social media web pages and we are top in our class at managing them. Prices start at $100.00 monthly.


Web designs starts with knowledge, know how, and technology to get your ideas on screen. We have that technology to bring any idea to life and that extents to our photo editing as well. From colorizing, to background removal, all the way to special effects, we can get it done. We can take any photo you have or take a parts of multiple photos and create logos, flyers, business cards, website graphics and more. Prices widely vary due to the many many options available. See just a few examples of what we can do below.

Background defocus


Background cut out

Panoramic shots

Special Effects

Turning a photo into a graphic design


In this post we asked customers to name the phobia that described the fear of an empty glass.


A funny way to get customers attention. This design was to promote Big Beer Mondays! Not only does it show the product but it is also eye catching and amusing.


Facebook keeps tab on not only how many people view your pages but their gender and age as well. This was made for a club that had mostly women viewing the page.  


Another clients of ours sells electrical components. This was an ad post to market a new selection of shock resistant gloves.


Banners are everywhere on the web and advertising online is not complete without a banner. Banner can be used at the top of your web page, or in advertisements, and even along side your web page. Here is an example of our stationary banners and our flash banners.

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Please click any category to view some current examples of our work and latest designs. Enjoy!

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Just in case our very own website has not wowed you, we have (with permission) a few of our clients websites to give you an idea of our hard work and dedication to not only one of a kind designs, but also how we easily conform to our clients needs and desires for their online businesses storefront. We do not view our jobs as complete.. ever... because our loyalty and dedication do not stop at the finish line... we are always thinking of ways to better ourselves, our knowledge, our abilities to continue to wow all of our clients old and new. We have yet to loose a client to another competitor and we take that as our biggest compliment.

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Senecal Designs -

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Monthly Calendar Hand Outs

Flyers and Email Specials

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Facebook Advertisements

Promotional Posters/Safety Posters

Background edit or removal


For our local clients we offer monthly photo shoots where we come by and get photos of products and more to advertise on the social pages.


Many websites collect graphics at their clients expense. We at Walker Web Design already have thousands and thousands collected for just about any need but when it comes to logos and other needs of our clients we go above and beyond with hand made graphics that are soley our design and will not be sold to the mass market. Another reason for producing in house graphics by our own team is because it gives us the ability to meet our clients desires completely. Please look below at some of our one of a kind in house graphic designs. Graphic designs start at 49.99 and vary up towards 99.99 depending on size, object, and difficulty. In house graphic design is ALWAYS included in our logo packages and most branding packages.

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