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3 - 4 Page Custom Design - $599.99

4 - 5 Page Custom Design - $699.99

6-8 Page Elite Customer Design - $999.99

Your One Stop Shop for many of your marketing and business needs!

We not only design one of a kind websites but we also have secure payment methods such as PayPal added directly to your web page for convenient yet safe checkouts for your customers. Another added bonus is our knowledgeable staff that can build incredible eye catching flash objects, flash banners, and more with state of the art programs and devices. We offer hosting and domain names by the year along with company email addresses to add to your companies professional online edge. Click Here to view a few of our clients.

Website Design and hosting and more...

Our marketing team is superior in reaching specific demographics and producing eye catching marketing materials such as flyers and direct mail outs. That is not all, we offer door to door flyers, editorial photo shoots, and ad designs for magazines, posters, and more. Click Here to view some of current designs.

Marketing for your company

Monthly maintenance

You can add to any account the option for monthly monitoring and maintenance. This is a great option for circumstances where products are being sold online along with any form of changing inventory or any constant changes in services or images. As a courtesy we always provide yearly phone and address updates for all customers along with reminders of domain names and web hosting account renewals.

Professional photos

With a professional photographer onsite you would be amazed at what we can do with photos and what we can do to bring life to your website and products. From photos of your services, staff, and products. Check out some of our photographers special talents through the lens and some of our photo editing talents by visiting our “Photography” page, or Click Here to view some of our latest designs.

Social Media Daily & Monthly Management

Now days all businesses update and communicate with their clientele through social media, and newsletters have become a thing of the past. Through outlets such as Facebook and Twitter you have the ability to not only boost your clientele by visibility to a HUGE mass of potential customers, but also social media provides the ability to communicate to your clients daily with marketing incentives, new products, upcoming events, or just to remind them that your here to serve. Click Here to see more about how we can manage your social media page(s) and all of the incentives in having one for your business.

Comes standard with all websites unlike many other companies who charge 1000’s. Our sitemaps include: Title Tag Optimization, Meta Description & Keywords Tags Optimization, Google Analytics Code on all pages, Directory Submission to all search engines, and more!

SEO Sitemapping

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Our Elite package has everything an eye popping, customer grabbing website should have. This package is sure to your company notices and with our top of the line features such as pop up menus, shopping cart, and customized forms built to fully fit your needs and that is just getting started. This package contains up to 5 company email addresses, 1 year domain name, feedback forum for your guests to let you know how they like the website and products available to them, SEO optimization with over 100 keywords, monthly maintenance from our A+ team, one of a kind graphics, downloadable catalog features for your online customers, a favorites icon design and embedding, secure payment integration via PayPal, polls and surveys for your online visitors, embedded calendars, enhanced map with street view to your location, roll overs, linking to social media pages, mailing list set up and management, scrolling marquee, pop up lighthouses to really make those photos/images stand out, photo gallery’s, and/or slide shows, importing documents, and a professional photo shoot with our team to get the best views of your company, staff, and products.  

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